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Explore. Engage. Envision.

The Whiteside Museum of Natural History is dedicated to inspiring every generation to embrace a positive future of limitless opportunities. By encouraging scientific exploration of our past and present world, and the immense cultural and scientific importance represented by the town of Seymour, Texas, the pathways to the future of our youth are infinite.




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About us:

The Whiteside Museum of Natural History (WMNH) was established as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation in December of 2013 due to the herculean philanthropic efforts of Judge Clyde E. Whiteside. As a lifelong mission to create a natural history museum for Seymour based on the incredible paleontological importance of Seymour and Baylor County, Judge Whiteside financed the museum’s development. WMNH to date has enjoyed approximately 35,000 visitors, including 8,000 school children engaged in free school-sponsored visits. WMNH provides all visitors with an interactive glimpse into the natural world and more specifically the ancient life that once inhabited North Texas. In 2017, the WMNH Paleontology team discovered Bonnie, a complete skeleton of the famous finback reptile, Dimetrodon. Now on display, the 287 million year old fossil delights all guests and ranks as one of the most complete Dimetrodon skeletons ever found. In 2018, the WMNH opened its first outdoor exhibit, a 15-foot long metal sculpture of a Dimetrodon, an icon representing Seymour and its natural history. WMNH retains a successful volunteer program that currently holds approximately 30 active members. The WMNH volunteer program also provides the senior citizen demographic with healthy and active community service opportunities, many of which have now become expert tour guides and proficient paleontology preparation technicians.



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